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Services we offer:


Audio recording is the art of immortalizing a moment, a musical performance. 

We work with high-end equipment such as SSL, Universal Audio and Focusrite preamps.

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With our Mixing services, we will help you combine your music arrangements into a unique sound. 


We create customized packages for each project.


The Master is the completion of the work.

Leave your single or EP sounding warm, cohesive and with all the quality the market demands.


Musical production

Don't know how to make the album you have in mind? Work with our experienced team to develop your sound and make it your own. We'll work together, from start to finish, to produce work you'll be proud of.

Musical production ranges from choosing the repertoire and arrangement, through recording and mixing to finalizing with the master.

Guitar and Guitar Lessons

Come learn or perfect the art of playing the guitar!

Classes are individual, in person or online. Focused on the interests of each student.

Our specialty is Rock, Blues, Pop, music theory and improvisation.

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